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What is a Volunteer?

Volunteers come in all ages with different levels of experience, interests and skills to offer. A common theme is the desire to be of service without any monetary reward.

Volunteers may bring a rich background of experience, broad academic  training or personal commitment. More often it will be a combination of  these according to that task and the individual. Competence in getting a job done can vary according to all these factors and the requirements of the task. Volunteers often bring high levels of personal commitment and life experience. The qualifications of Volunteers are primarily a willingness to learn, and an ability to work with people. However, Volunteers are not heroes or superstars, but are ordinary, hard working, committed people finding time to share themselves with others or to pursue some personal goal.

People volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways. There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from making a difference. You can experience working for causes that you are interested in, or assist in creating change in areas that are of importance to you. You can build new skills, meet new people and add variety to your work experience. Based on your interests and skills, what type of program you would like to work with and how often you would like to work - we can assist you in finding the right volunteer role for you.

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteers enjoy the contact with other people & meeting new friends
  • Volunteers have the opportunity to develop & refresh old skills
  • Volunteering can increase your confidence & self esteem
  • Volunteers thrive on new challenges
  • Volunteers get satisfaction from doing something to make a difference
  • Volunteering can open new job networks
  • Volunteers working together to build a stronger community

What we Want Volunteers to do...

We want you to know that what you do is worthwhile. Even if it is stamping envelopes, making a cup of tea or stapling programs. It is important, because these jobs help get information about the Neighbourhood Centre out to other people, and it may allow extra time for the staff to be used in other areas. Our Centre is flexible and needs different people at different times, so we should be able to find you something you’ll be happy doing.

Getting Started...

Now that you have some idea about what you want to do. Download this Expression of Interest to Volunteer Form and contact the Neighbourhood Centre to arrange a interview with the Volunteer Manager. The interview is an essential part of the organisation getting to know you and determining which program you are most suitable for. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the organisation to determine if we are right for you




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