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Parent Group Page 1Parent Group - Early Years Family Hub

A free program specifically designed for young mums as an initiative from the Intensive Family Support Service.

Helping families to help themselves Information & Support for families with children 0-18 years with focus on children under 12 A free & confidential service for families in Hervey Bay & surrounds

Thursdays 10am – 12pm

  • Are you a Parent looking for advice and support?
  • Do you have lots of questions about parenting, your baby and your body but not sure on where to go?
  • Or you’re just not sure what to expect when you’re expecting?

The Young Parents Program is an initiative from The Intensive Family Support Service. It is a FREE program primarily designed for young Mums, however all parents are welcome.
The program information will be will be specifically developed in conjunction with the participants who partake in the program.
This program will be developed with you and your child in mind, so please let us know what information you would like to know more about.
Each session will be fun and interactive. You will meet new mums, make new friends and have fun in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Information Sessions will be on topics that YOU want to know more about. Including:

  • Understanding your body – what can I expect during and after pregnancy
  • What’s happening in the Womb
  • Baby’s developmental stages
  • Healthy eating and exercise – the myths and facts
  • Will I be a good mum – strategies to enhance confidence?
  • Parenting skills, including tips for new parents
  • Goals – what do I want for my child
  • Cultural and spiritual – your beliefs, values and morals
  • Guest Speakers – Health, Housing, Centrelink, Budgeting and finance, employment, and education

Fun stuff!

  • Family BBQ’s, Virtual Shopping trips, Healthy cooking demonstrations & much more
  • Hands on fun activities—each week you are free to participate in arts and crafts sessions.
  • Story beading, cooking painting, stories, song and dance and other cool

IFS will also support you by:

  • Home visits
  • Transport to & from Qld Health Antenatal classes
  • Referrals to other agencies
  • Advocacy

Reading Guides

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© Natalie Robinson 2003, produced in conjunction with South West Child, Adolescent & Family Services
Adapted by Lutheran community Care
Intercept Youth and Family Services (Reconnect program) 2015
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